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Language unites. It brings people together, creating connections and understanding. At Tolk, we use cutting-edge technology and human insight to bridge communication gaps among individuals from diverse linguistic backgrounds.





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Seamless matching


Our booking system automatically connects you with a skilled and experienced language specialist, ensuring the best match to meet your specific needs.

Swift emergency bookings

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In case of an emergency, help is just moments away. Our system quickly selects the most suitable language specialist, giving you access to a professional interpreter in less than 15 seconds.

Feedback and ratings

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Both language specialists and clients can rate the job and provide feedback to one another, promoting mutual trust and driving continuous improvement.

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clients and partners

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Halland border police

Booking an interpreter via Tolk app and initiating an interview within 30 seconds has transformed our workflow completely.

Advåkatbyrå Alnshi AB

Alnashi law firm ab

Fast and exceptional service from proficient interpreters, no matter language. The ease of booking combined with immediate cost estimates make a significant difference to us.

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Västerholm's Private school

Tolk has truly made an impact! Booking is hassle-free, interpreters are punctual, and they're always pleasant to work with!

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DT team
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About Tolk

Since 2015, Tolk has pioneered the interpreting industry. Our booking system seamlessly matches your unique requirements with an extensive network of professional language specialists proficient in over 210 languages and dialects. Trusted by over 1000 clients and partners, you can rely on us for tailored expertise regardless of time, place or occasion.