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To create a world where every voice is heard - that's what drives us.

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A world where every voice is heard.

We aim to be a driving force in creating a world where every voiceis heard regardless of linguistic or cultural differences. Our vision permeates all the decisions and actions we take because we understand that every interaction, translation, and interpreting assignment has the potential to make a difference. Mindful of the challenges our clients face, we seize opportunities to drive change, propelling ourselves forward with a passion to create a world where every voice is heard.


Empower people to understand and make themselves understood – one refugee, one patient, one human at a time.

We combine technology with human insight to enable people to understand and make themselves understood, one person at a time. We navigate linguistic and cultural differences to enhance effective communication and full participation in society.

Our history

Following unrestinworld in 2015, 160,000 individuals sought refuge in Sweden, leadingto a skyrocketing demand for interpreter services.

At the same time, the media reported a shortage of interpreters in the country. To address this challenge, Virpal Singh and Leyla Sarac founded Tolk.com, pioneering an innovative approach. They identified that the problem was not a lack of interpreters but a need for creative solutions to manage the situation.

In 2016, revolutionised the industry. Interpreterscould now be assigned in 8 seconds,pared to the previous averageof about 30 minutes

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We won our first public contracts in 2017, gaining the trust of local authorities and regional councils in Sweden. We engaged in various forums to advocate for the importance of technological solutions. This achievement was recognised when we received the "Best in Industry" award from the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority.

In 2018, we launched a new version of our platform based on valuable insights from language specialists, customers and intermediaries. The updated version became more user-friendly, faster and scalable. We also integrated a user-friendly video interpretation platform to propel our growth within the public sector further.

We established framework agreements with Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency in 2019 and fiercely competed in multiple tenders. This enabled fantastic growth in the public sector in 2020 as more local authorities and regional councils chose us as their language partner.

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Quickly responding to the COVID-19 crisis, we developed several new digital solutions and features to ensure the continued delivery of essential language services. During 2020, several of Sweden's regional councils also became our customers.

In 2021, we continued to drive innovation and expansion, delivering impressive results. We also proudly received the "Super Gazelle of the Year" and "Future Gazelle of the Year" awards from the national Swedish publication Dagens Industri.

DT platform

Following a turbulent start to 2022 due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, we experienced a substantial increase in demand for Ukrainian interpreters to help those in need.

We worked actively to assist newcomers in finding employment by exploring new and innovative applications of our matching algorithm. One successful initiative was "HejUkraina", Swedish for “HelloUkraine”, conducted in collaboration with the news organisation Aktarr. We helped provide hundreds of people with employment opportunities during this challenging period.

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The future of Tolk.com looks bright, and we continue to thrive and grow. In 2023, we strengthened our position as the leading language service provider with several new key appointments.

We remain fully committed to achieve our vision – to create a world where every voice is heard. One example is our strategic partnerships with leading companies like Telia, which aim to promote digital inclusion among newcomers. Collaborations offer exciting opportunities to positively impact on society, breaking through language barriers and fostering mutual understanding.

Our continued growth and success are rooted in our unparalleled passion to create a world where everyone has a voice. We continue to make a real difference and be a driving force in the interpreter services industry by constantly developing and working closely with our clients and partners. The future is bright, and we look forward to taking Tolk.com to new heights.

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