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We are looking for individuals eager to make a profound impact. We're seeking innovative minds ready to challenge and revamp an industry that's long overdue for transformation.

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Real Impact

At, we're committed to reshaping the language industry for the better. We believe that change begins with our employees – our CLIFFERS – who are fueled by innovation and a shared passion for creating a world where every voice is heard.

Growth journey

Shape the future of! Join us on a thrilling journey of growth, presenting plenty of opportunities for your personal development.

Community value

Make a real difference! As a CLIFFER, you can have a profound and positive impact on people's lives.

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Pioneer new solutions! Challenge and enhance the language services industry with innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology.

Inclusive is our vibe

We support each other with diverse skills and perspectives, all driven by the same vision – to create a world where every voice is heard.

Often, we undertake charitable projects that go beyond providing interpreter and translation services, always with our vision in focus.

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Benefits Galore

EneRGY BOost

Food is the fuel for success – enjoy healthy snacks, tea and coffee.


We empower you with the trust and
flexibility you need.


Your health matters, and we support you with wellness benefits.

Team experiences

From Friday social gatherings and Thursday football to exciting company trips.

Future Security

Secure your future with our pension plan.

Our Culture

Letter C

We are customer

Letter L

We lead with

Letter I

We make

Letter F

We are

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We are

We are customer centric

We are close to our customers – and possess the customers’ perspective, in all the things we do.

We deliver customer value by being responsive to the needs, both pronounced and unspoken.

We foresee problems and work proactivity to solve problems before they occur.

We hold our customers’ hand and help them through their challenges.

We are customer centric in everything we do.

We lead with heart

We offer help and make ourselves available to lend a hand.

We give feedback to help each other develop and get on the right course.

We take ownerships of our work and deliver on time, or let stakeholders know if we won’t manage. We don´t leave anyone hanging.

We nurture an included and a playful environment, always in a business and a professional sense.

We are inclusive to all those who are part of the tribe.

We make impact

We are always several steps ahead, constantly innovate and bring solutions that create value.

We always make things better.

We are biased towards action - and see things through.

We are frugal and thread lightly on our environment.

We make a positive impact on people and societies.

We are fearless

We are curious, dare to break new ground by trying new things and seeking new perspectives.

We learn from ours fuck-ups and share learnings with others.

We share information and ask for help when needed.

We put trust in our colleagues and keep their trust!

We dare to speak our mind and let others do the same. Once a decision is made, we commit fully, as one force.

We are frugal

In first hand, we believe in second hand.​​

When traveling, trains and green cars are our way to go.

Our workspaces are built and decorated with environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions​​

Frugality is a matter of course, that way we can invest more in activities and moments that bring us together.

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Our CLIFFers