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Regional Councils

Do you need an interpreter for speech therapy, dentistry, or rheumatology? We provide certified interpreters with specialised expertise in healthcare, delivering accurate interpreting services to facilitate seamless communication within the healthcare sector.

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Local Authorities

We offer experienced interpreters with specialised knowledge to support Local Authorities across various sectors such as social services, education and elderly care. Our interpreters have extensive experience and a deep understanding of the unique challenges and linguistic nuances that may arise.

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Government Agencies

For interpreting during police interviews or other matters involving official bodies, we provide certified interpreters with specialised expertise in legal affairs (DPSI Law). Our certified legal interpreters are skilled in handling sensitive situations and ensure interpreting is conducted with the utmost precision and legal integrity.

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Do you need an interpreter for court proceedings? Our authorised interpreters are experts in legal matters and are carefully selected to provide high-quality professional interpreter services. With DPSI Certification, you can be confident that our interpreters meet the required standards.

Always with

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seamless matching

Our booking system automatically ensures the best match based on a broad range of parameters, such as the interpreter's expertise and historical performance with us.

swift emergency bookings

In case of an emergency, help is just moments away. Our system swiftly selects the most suitable interpreters, giving you access to quick decisions and direct communication in less than 15 seconds.

Rating and feedback

Both interpreters and clients can rate the interpretation experience and provide feedback, promoting mutual trust and drive continuous improvement.

Interpretation Types

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face-to-face interpreting

For certain assignments, we recommend face-to-face interpreting. Our intelligent booking system prioritises the assignment to the interpreter who meets your specific requirements and is geographically closest to you.

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We recommend telephone interpreting for clients who require interpreter services at short notice. This service allows the interpreter to connect immediately and typically gives access to language support for major languages in less than 15 seconds

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Video interpreting is an excellent alternative to face-to-face and telephone interpreting. One advantage is the ability to visually engage with the interpreting process without needing the interpreter's physical presence.